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2nd SCS-2019 Event Technical Program

Proceedings of the 2nd SCS_2019, and Technical Program

2nd Smart Cities Symposium (24-26 March 2019)

Technical Program

The  2nd SCS - Final PROGRAM


2nd SCS-2019 Technical Program and Proceedings over IET Digital Library


Proceedings of the Second SCS-2019 (2nd SCS - Final PROGRAM),  is now over the IET Digital Library,

follow the below link .. 


The following items have been published on the IET Digital Library:


The IET Inspec Indexing

2nd Smart Cities Symposium (SCS 2019)

The 2nd Smart Cities Symposium (SCS 2019) is also indexed by the Elsevier's Scopus.

IEEE Xplore Indexing

It is our pleasure also to inform you that SCS-2019 is available now on IEEE Xplore:

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