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7th SCS-2023 - Author's Instructions
and Call for Papers

Camera-Ready Paper Submission Instructions




All submissions should be written in English with a maximum paper length of six (6) printed pages (10-point font) including figures.

Papers exceeding 6 pages will not be accepted at EDAS.  When preparing your manuscript, please pay also attention to the following:

IET Publication Guidelines:  


Please only include accepted papers which have the necessary paper and copyright files.

Conference paper BP

Requirement for Conference paper

  • Must be a Word file or a PDF file (not an Image file)

  • Title of paper should match or be very similar to title on the Copyright form

  • Authors should match the copyright form or at the very least, the submitting author must be on the copyright form

  • Must not contain any track changes/highlighting

  • Must be written in English


Copyright Form BP

Required for Copyright form:

  • Name of submitting author

  • Title of paper

  • Print name of author

  • Must be written in English

  • Must be a PDF or Word file

  • Must contain all pages of copyright form

  • If this is a photo/scan must be clear

  • Must not include track changes

  • Date of completion


Amendments to conference papers:

We are very limited in what we can ethically amend after the publication of conference proceedings and will need to treat change requests on a case by case basis. Ethical changes are generally restricted to the following:

  • The authors name has been spelt incorrectly

  • Significant errors in the affiliation at time of writing (please note that we cannot change the affiliation to a new one if an author has changed institution since the paper has been published. It must be the location of the affiliation at the time of writing the paper.)

  • Remove authors if ethical issues come up (eg. person was not involved/ not aware of paper submission)


We are not able to change any of the following:

  • Affiliations when an author has changed institution

  • Add authors

  • Scientific content

  • Spelling errors

  • If your paper has been prepared using (MS) Microsoft Word, please ensure that you have used the most current version which will help reduce word-to-pdf conversion issues such as embedded fonts, bookmarks, etc.

  • No page numbers and no headers/footers.

  • Use non-zero PDF top and bottom margins (typically at least 0.5 inches/12.7 mm) to help indicate if there are any page numbers.

Paper submission is reviewed by the Symposium International  Technical Committee, which serves to review the submitted papers and contents.  Notifications of review will be sent to authors within ten days after the shown deadline.

FULL PAPER SUBMISSION DEADLINE :                  30    June               2023

FULL PAPER SUBMISSION NOTIFICATION :           15    September     2023

FINAL PAPER SUBMISSION (AFTER REVIEW) :     15    October           2023

IET COPYRIGHT Form Uploading :                           01   November       2023



The symposium technical committee would need to take ownership of reviewing the abstracts/papers, ensuring the quality and relevance to the event before accepting them onto the program. The paper is not published if the speaker doesn’t attend the event and present the paper. 


The Symposium Technical Committee will use the full papers submission template, to check the formality  of the submitted papers.  This is then reviewed by a specialized technical committee to ensure the quality is suitable. Once accepted, the full paper (after reviewers corrections) is requested.  



Once a paper is confirmed to be part of the program, it is needed the final paper to be submitted in the attached (IET Paper Template)  template/style (no changes on the font or layout).



We need the submitter to sign the form and provide a copy with the final paper.  This is very important.



The IET Digital Library/Inspec Team will also review the papers to ensure the content is correct before uploading the papers. 

The uploading process can take up to 3 months.


Paper can be submitted to the EDAS Link, under the Symposium

(Press the PAPER SUBMISSION LINK to submit the articles)

Manuscript Upload:  EDAS Submission to the 7-SCS'23

(Submission over EDAS)


edas submission link


Submission is limited to max (6 pages) only.  Symposium Papers will appear in IET Inspec  Digital Library, and the Scopus. Scopus, is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. Please find below attached  documents to help with the 6th Smart Cities Event (paper submission onto the IET Digital Library Format):


Abstract Submission Template

Paper Template 


PAPER TEMPLATE - LaTex - BITX Formatfollow this link

more ....... Symposium Papers Submission Info.

  • Follow the IET Format found over this site.

  • Paper Submission is through the EDAS System.  Check this (IET SUBMISSION FORMAT) for formats and other related submission details.

  • EDAS Login for 7-SCS'23 through:   Edas Manuscript Upload: 7-SCS'23

  • FINAL Submission is a FULL PAPER. 

  • LATEX submission option is also be available.

  • LATEX submission Format:

  • Papers submission can also be in LaTex Format (LaTeX – A document preparation system, with BITEX), refer to above. 

  • Symposium Proceedings will be produced during the event.

Symposium Presentation Templates

Symposium Presentation

Templates,  download from this link 

Symposium Presentation Templates

Theme (lighter),  download from this link 

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